Basement Leaking Floor To Wall Joint

Basement Waterproofing: Cold Joint Seepage & Leaking Floor

Cove Joint Seepage. The area where the wall and floor meet inside your basement is known as the cove joint. A common basement waterproofing problem this area faces is with basement seepage. Whenever you have a rising and falling water table around your home, it's not uncommon for you to see leaks in this area.

This video shows you how to use Applied Technologies concrete crack injection materials to stop a water leak in a basement wall control joint. The crack starts under a basement window and then

If you are concerned about leaking cracks in your basement floor, your local Basement Systems dealer has the solutions you need. Our certified waterproofing contractors can address your basement leak by installing a perimeter drainage system. This will help not only with leaky floor cracks, but leaking from the walls and the wall-floor joint.

Basement walls are well known for weeping and leaking. All that moisture can cause big problems. The good news is that you can waterproof your basement with a few basic steps. In order to protect it, you will need to stop leaks and seepage, repair holes and cracks, waterproof the walls and floors, and pack a leaking floor joint.

Don't Seal the Gap Between Basement Wall and Floor to Keep Out Water. This doesn't happen because the wall itself is leaking water or because the basement floor has low points around the edges. It occurs with frequency because of a necessary quirk in construction that creates an avenue for water to enter the basement between the wall and floor.

The most common way that water leaks into a basement is through the basement wall-floor joint. This is the point where the basement walls meet the floor, which is poured separately from the walls for most basements. This joint is usually the weakest point when hydrostatic pressure leads to water pressure against the basement walls, and severe flooding can occur in the basement through this point.

Basement Waterproofing: Cold Joint Seepage & Leaking Floor
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