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This Chinese designer attempts to produce environmental clothes made of natural materials like linen and cotton. Exception is the name of his eco design. His designs are modern and fresh. He is among the best designers in China due to his philosophy and aesthetics. Exception has become a number one in Chinese fashion. …and last but not least… 8. Guo Pei

Chinese design style is noted for its Zen-like aesthetic and simplicity. It is about clean lines and character of shape. Here are some interiors that illustrate the beauty and harmony of the Chinese interior design style aesthetic. Chinese interior design (interiordesign777)

Mar 05, 2014 · Chinese Designers to the ForeChinese Designers to the Fore. Yiqing Yin, the Chinese-born designer who in January was named the creative director for the French fashion house Leonard, will be featured in Ms. Williams's book. Ms. Yin, who was born in Beijing, has probably made more inroads into the European fashion world than any of her compatriots.

Ma Ke (simplified Chinese: 马可; traditional Chinese: 馬可; pinyin: Mǎ Kě) (born 1971 in Changchun, China) is a Chinese fashion designer. She has two clothing labels: EXCEPTION de Mixmind, a ready-to-wear line started in 1996 and retailed in China; and WUYONG, an haute couture line founded in 2006.

Designer, brand founder, businesswoman and mother, Sherry Xu aims to use design to balance work with the other aspects of one's life. Born and trained in Shanghai, her ideas are mostly based on the city.

Chinese new year 2012 Flyer – Lemon Graphic Singapore
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