Live Edge Slab Table How To Coat And Finish With Blue Metallic shows you how to turn any old

Live Edge Workshop proudly offers the entire Ecopoxy product line. Ecopoxy is an all natural assortment of resins and pigments created from materials including soybeans, cashew nut oil and even recycled egg shells. These products are non-toxic and do not require any ventilation to use. Resins are perfect for filling in cracks and voids in our kiln-dried slabs.

I built a live edge river headboard using epoxy resin and a pair of live edge Cherry slabs. This was a ton of work, but I'm super happy with the way it turned out. Apr 25 How To Build A Live Edge Epoxy River Headboard (Not Table!) with LED Lights. Johnny Brooke. I added some more blue

Wood, and in particular, live edge wood, looks absolutely spectacular covered in gorgeous, glossy epoxy resin. From trays to tables to clocks, ArtResin and wood are a match made in heaven!Live edge wood - the name pretty much says it all, right? A slab of wood in its natural state, with the raw line of the tree trunk

How to Build a Hybrid Epoxy Wood Table is a step by step epoxy project for the DIY woodworker to learn the best way to apply epoxy and metallic epoxy to live edge wood slab tables. Learn how to bui

In this video I share tips for flattening a live edge slab with a router sled and how to sand the slab for finishing. Live Edge Table PT 3 How to coat and finish with Blue Metallic!

I'm working on a live edge walnut slab coffee table. This is a photo of the bottom side of the table before any finish is applied sanded to 220 (for reference the holes are for threaded inserts that take a 1/4-20 bolt -- I machined metal legs that mate to the table): shows you how to turn any old
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