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Table Tennis : How to Hit a Forehand Top Spin Serve in

In this tutorial, we will be looking at how to perform a basic forehand topspin serve. This serve is used to get the point started successfully, and prevent the receiver from making a strong attack against the serve.

Developing a reliable topspin tennis serve is the key to advanced tennis. Unless your second serve is safe, accurate and difficult to attack, you will be under pressure on every second serve. You can also use a topspin serve as a variation on the first serve, especially when you want to increase your first serve percentage.

Table Tennis has been an Olympic sport since 1988. Table Tennis is great fun to play, can be played almost anywhere, by anyone, at any age and is fantastic exercise. Here at Topspin we are passionate about Table Tennis and we firmly believe in the health and quality of life benefits it can bring.

The serve is one of the most important strokes in table tennis—after all, every rally has to start with a service! And, as the rules state, "If the server throws the ball into the air to make a serve, but misses the ball completely, it is a point for the receiver."

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A player with a tennis topspin serve generally has an edge compared to a player that can only hit flat serves. With a topspin serve, your serve has a better chance of going in the service box. In a tennis game, the higher your first and second serve accuracy is will correlate to the percentage of your chances in winning the match.

Table Tennis : How to Hit a Forehand Top Spin Serve in
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