What Do You Call A Metal Frame Above The Fireplace

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Metal art takes on many forms, from wall hangings to picture frames to fireplace screens. Just ask Jim Truett, a district sales manager for Miller Electric Mfg. Co. by day and artist in his spare time from his Huntsville, Utah, home.

Firescreen: The metal screen that sits in front of the fireplace opening to prevent sparks from flying onto the rug or flooring. Hearth: The area on the floor just in front of the fireplace, usually made from bricks or stone. Jamb: One of two vertical pieces that are found on either side of the fireplace opening. Similar to the pieces surrounding the sides of a window frame.

The chimney chase top, (chimney chase cover) is usually metal, constructed of formed aluminum or stainless steel. We find leaks here especially where the top is framed and enclosed "flat" and the top flashing lacks adequate pitch and stiffness to avoid collapsing, even becoming concave" where there are snow loads.

Sconces are a classic adornment for above the fireplace. Not only will they light up whatever you choose to style your mantel with, but a pair of sconces can also provide balance, structure, and formality to an otherwise eccentric assortment of decorative accents.

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What would this metal be that I can drill above, below and to either side of it? edit: not sure if relevant, but the entire door frame and door are metal also. edit2: the metal does not go in a straight line from top to bottom, but is rather on a diagonal slant. There is no wood to be found anywhere surrounding the metal.

Living room Storage - Bookcases, Wall Shelves & More - IKEA

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